The St. Louis Cardinals and Drury Hotels Company announced on Thursday their new partnership for the 2016 season. For each Cardinals victory during the 2016 season, Drury Hotels will donate $1,000 to Cardinals Care.

“We are excited to partner with the Cardinals and proud to support Cardinals Care and the children of the St. Louis community,” said Drury Hotels President and CEO Chuck Drury. “As a part of the St. Louis community for more than 40 years, I can’t think of a better way to give back while cheering for our home team.”

The Drury family, while generous in all areas of the community, have been longtime Cardinals fans and supporters of their charities. Forty years ago when the Drury Hotels came to St. Louis one of the first things Charles and Shirley Drury did was make a donation to the St. Louis Piinch-Hitters, an organization at the time, consisting of the wives of Cardinals players and media who covered the team as well as women who worked for the Cardinals. They bought several tables for the Ball-B-Que and brought their entire family, including Chuck Drury, the current CEO, and have been supporting both the Cardinals and children's charities in St. Louis ever since.

Rainbows for Kids, the official charity of is one of the many charities that has benefited by both the Drury Hotels and Cardinals Care. 

"It's really fantastic that there are companies out there such as Drury Hotels that really understand how to give back and support the community in which they are involved," said Mike Rains, a founding Board Member of Rainbows for Kids. " Without the help of Drury Hotels, Rainbows for Kids would not be able to be as successful as we are, and the Cardinals and Cardinals Care have also been with us since the beginning."

"When I heard this great news I felt so excited and grateful," said Jennifer Garlick, the mother of a child with a prosthetic leg due to childhood cancer. "Rainbows for Kids does so many fun and exciting things for the kids and their families.  It's so great for them to get these donations so that they can continue to bless everyone".

"Drury Hotels and specifically the Drury family, have been great supporters of Rainbows for Kids over the year," said Rains. "Charles, Shirley, Tim and Chuck have all been great friends and are such a kind-hearted community-minded group. They have been a great help in allowing Rainbows for Kids to keep improving the lives of children with cancer and other serious illnesses. Without their help and support, Rainbows for Kids would probably not be around today."

Cardinals Care is involved in a variety of programs backed by Cardinals players, coaches and front office staff, allowing for grants to support organizations in and around St. Louis. Since its inception in 1997, Cardinals Care has distributed more than $21 million to area organizations. Cardinals Care strives to improve the lives of more children every year.To  the smaller charities like Rainbows for Kids, the support means everything.

Liz Crum, whose son is legally blind from optic tumors has seen how Cardinals Care has benefitted her son through Rainbows for Kids. 

"We just stayed at a Drury Hotel on our way back from a visit to Spring Training," she said. "Their staff at the hotel in Morrow, Ga. was so friendly to us, both at the one in Morrow, Ga. and Orlando, Fl. They made you feel very welcome, so I can believe they would want to help out children just like they help everyone who stays at their hotels. We love Drury Hotels. They care for others, and you can see that in all the nice friendly service they give there customers."

"Rainbows for Kids has been a huge blessing to our family because it gets my daughter Ashley (shown right on bike given to her through Rainbows for Kids and Bike Works)  involved in all kinds of activities she might not otherwise do," said Jennifer Garlick. "She isn't the most athletic child but she is able to play sports with all the other kids at the Rainbows for Kids baseball game and hockey and cheers at the football game and has a blast doing it."

“We are grateful for the generous donation opportunity from Drury Hotels. We feel a program like this will generate tremendous excitement after every Cardinals win and deliver a tremendous benefit to the kids of the St. Louis area,” said Cardinals Vice President of Community Relations & Executive Director of Cardinals Care Michael Hall.

Through Rainbows for Kids, along with Charmette School of Dance, Jennifer Garlick's daughter Ashley is taking dancing lessons, something you would not expect with a prosthetic leg.

"Rainbows for Kids has helped Ashley gain confidence by showing her she can do anything with her prosthetic than she ever thought possible," said Eric Garlick, her father."They also helped her learn how to work with others as a team to accomplish goals. It has been a very positive experience for her, and we can't thank those who make it possible enough."

"Rainbows for Kid has helped Ashley become more confident in herself and her abilities. Because of this she is trying other athletic activities she thought she couldn't do before.None of this would have been possible if not for the donations from Cardinals Care and Drury Hotels."

"Thanks so much Drury for the awesome gift you are giving," said Liz Crum. "You are helping so many charities by helping Cardinals Care. We have personally benefitted as have other families like us who have a child with an illness. The donation means so much to us."

Ashley Garlick was featured in a video done by Kara Savio of HEC-TV. To see that video and really understand what the Drury Hotels donation to Cardinals Care means, click here:

For more information about Cardinals Care, visit

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