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Area bowling alleys are bustling with winter leagues. Many people bowl in leagues and enjoy the comeraderie and structure of knowing one night is "bowling night." Bowling is a fun activity for families, couples, friends, or just by yourself. Did you know that it can also be healthy? This is, of course if you watch the liquor, hot dogs, and snacks in most bowling alleys. According to "ten-pin bowling is rewarding to both your physical and mental well-being."

Physical health benefits - You probably don't think about it, but those three or four steps you take on the approach to the lane are building muscle, increasing stamina, and burning fat. Most strength training exercises involve repetitive motions with weights. In bowling this is exactly what you're doing, carrying and throwing an eight to sixteen pound ball repeatedly twelve to twenty-one times in a row. If you play three to five games, which most people do, that's thirty-six to a hundred and five times you are making the same motion. Over time this will get easier and easier as you build stamina.

In addition, the bending and twisting that you do to throw the ball will work muscles that don't otherwise get a workout in everyday activities...{To Read More from click here:]

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