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Are You Ready To Make A Change? Here's How We Did It

Two years ago Rob Rains made up his mind to change his lifestyle and in turn hopefully lose weight and feel better. He lost 60 pounds the first year and has kept it off for two years. He has agreed to share his experience--not to brag about it-- but rather to help someone who is really trying to lose weight. If you have tried to lose weight with no success, maybe this will help.

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Sample Meals for Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance

People who have not seen Rob Rains in a while are surprise when they do. They are surprised at the weight he has lost and often ask how he did it. He did it by changing his eating habits. Now, for the first time he is sharing his eating plans, complete with sample menus.

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How Chelsea lost 80 pounds and you can too

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Note: This is the third in a series of articles about making a decision to change your lifestyle and lose weight. The first two articles are included here at the end.


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Smoothies are a good way to lose weight; but use caution


Incorporating smoothies into your daily life can help you get vitamins you might not otherwise be getting, but the caution is if you are trying to lose weight you need to check the ingredients and be sure you know everything that is in it.

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Ain't No Stoppin' You

If there is something that is holding you back from gaining control of your health, don't let it. You think you love to eat, well you will love the way you feel if you eat the right things. Don't keep waiting, don't put it is the time and you are the person. You can do this. Once you put your mind to it...there' "Ain't no stopping you now!"

Is it Time To Get Healthy?


We love Smoothie King. The Kirkwood location is our favorite. We go there for smoothies for lunch and also to pick up our favorite low-carb protein bars- Chocolate Chip Quest Bars-- which we eat for breakfast.

465 A South Kirkwood Rd. Kirkwood, MO 63122

12599 A Olive Blvd. Creve Coeur, MO 63141


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