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Here it is: Sample Meals for Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance

People who have not seen Rob Rains in a while are surprise when they do. They are surprised at the weight he has lost and often ask how he did it. 

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On the Path to Good Health and Weight Loss: Part Three, how she lost 80 pounds

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Note: This is the third in a series of articles about making a decision to change your lifestyle and lose weight. The first two articles are included here at the end.


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On The Path To Good Health And Weight Loss: Part Two

Two years ago Rob Rains made up his mind to change his lifestyle and in turn lose weight and feel better. He has agreed to share his experience, not to brag about it, but rather to help someone who is really trying to lose weight

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On the Path to Health and Weight Loss: Week One

The holidays are over and some of you maybe feeling bloated and frustrated. Two years ago Rob Rains made up his mind to change his lifestyle and in turn lose weight and feel better. He lost 60 pounds and has agreed to share his experience.

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Better Health Energizes You.

Note: All information on this page is intended to be helpful and entertaining. (See disclaimer below.)  As with any eating plan or exercise program, check with your doctor.


To hear Health & Fitness Mackie Shilstone talk about starting a new health program with Rob Rains and B.J. Rains on the Sports Zone Show click the audio player: 

*Mackie's Top 5 Tips for Working Out.  

*Mackie Says Cut out Soft Drinks. 

*Mackie's Top 5 Foods for Vitamin B

Healthy Snacks

*Low-Cal Chocolate Dip- Take “diet” hot chocolate mix and pour it into a bowl. Add a little warm water, stirring it and adding more water to the consistency of dip. This “chocolate dip” is perfect for dipping fruit into. Make it like a party .

* Jello with Whipped Cream on Top -This is a great low-carb/low cal dessert. Buy the 10 calorie individual Jellos in the grocer’s cooler and Redi-Whip no calorie whipped topping.

* Celery with Peanut Butter- Better than reaching for a donut or a cookie, spreading a little low-fat peanut butter on som celery is a good nutritional snack.

* Almonds or other healthy nuts


 Test your heart smarts!

Take this quiz to see what you know about eating to manage weight and live heart smart!

TRUE or FALSE: Controlling blood cholesterol is one way to control your risk of heart disease.

To see the entire quiz click here.

Eat Healthy

We do not advocate “crash diets.” They rarely last. The only way to lose weight and keep it off is eat healthy over a long period of time. If you want to lose weight, be sure to increase your physical activity. Start some sort of work-out or exercise plan, even if it is just walking.

Counting Calories: That’s how B.J.Rains lost 40 pounds. He started with the “Lose It” app.and increased his physical activity. He can now run a marathon.

Low Carb Lifestyle: This is how Rob Rains lost 40 pounds during the year 2013. The simple way to say it is you basically cut out bread, sugars, fried foods,and look on the labels for zero or very low carb content. This does help lose weight and you can gradually add food you want, but it is a lifestyle. If you suddenly go off it you will gain weight. Rob started with two weeks of "no carbs", then eased into a "low carb lifestyle." Once or twice a week he will eat pizza or pasta at a meal but then he tries to stay faithful.

Ain't No Stoppin' You

If there is something that is holding you back from gaining control of your health, don't let it. You think you love to eat, well you will love the way you feel if you eat the right things. Don't keep waiting, don't put it is the time and you are the person. You can do this. Once you put your mind to it...there' "Ain't no stopping you now!"


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