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 Rainbows for Kids is the official charity of

SPECIAL NOTE:  Thank you to the Tomasovic  Family

In honor of the 15th birthday of their son Jacob (shown in picture left in the red shirt with Rob Rains and Tyler Hammond)  they are asking for donations to be made to Rainbows for Kids in his honor. 

"Baseball was his favorite sport," said his mother Pam Tomasovic. "Those Rainbows for Kids baseball practices were some of his happiest days. He truly felt like an All-Star. 

"He loved it so much he would lay out his uniform along with his mitt and bat; the night before practices and games." 

One year they even changed their vacation plans so he would not miss the All-Star game. 

"When he found out we would be gone, to say Jacob was devastated is an understatement," said his mother.  "He cried and cried so we happily shortened our long-awaited vacation. The league wasn’t only for the cancer child but siblings too. This league is run by 100% volunteers and donations. If you feel so moved to make a donation so other children have a wonderful, safe experience outside the hospital walls then I encourage you to make a donation. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will be well received with smiles and laughs during the next season."

Donations can be made with a check made payable to Rainbows for Kids mailed to Rainbows for Kids 7221 Waterford Drive  St. Louis, MO 63123 or online:


For info on our upcoming Nov. 17 Gala "A Three-Hour Cruise" go to:

Imagine a world without cancer. It would be great, wouldn't it? Unfortunately many children’s lives are filled with doctor appointments, treatments, and medicine protocols. At Rainbows for Kids, we know we can’t cure cancer but we can help these families enjoy their lives more along the way with the fun activities planned for them.

Rainbows for Kids, a 501 (c)(3) charity for families of children with cancer was started in 2000 by our family. No paid employees so all donations go towards the  fun events for the families. If there is any way we can use this website to bring attention to the need for a cure for childhood cancer and to help these families, we will do that. We appreciate your prayers for the families and for a cure for cancer.

Rainbows for Kids Baseball Team and All-Star Game

Every year we put on a big baseball team and All-Star game for the kids. They get to be normal kids on a summer ball team. Sometimes Cardinals players come out to play with the kids.The same week Aledmys Diaz played in the MLB All-Star Game in 2016, the Cardinals short stop came out and played in our Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game. He surprised the kids, pitched to them, and played catch with every child. It meant the world to the kids and their parents.

 Please consider helping us help these kids.

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Grant's Farm Siblings Event

Some of our kids go to Camp Rainbows a free camp we support and it is for children with cancer. So while they are gone we host a special day at Grant's farm for the siblings and their parents. This gives the parents a chance to give some attention and spend time with their other kids, since often so much time is devoted to the sick one. They get to ride a special "off-road" vehicle and go behind the scenes. This is one of the groups after touring Grant's Cabin, Hardscrabble at Grant's Farm.


                           Kids Party at Mom's Spa Day     Rainbows For Kids Night at Busch

Rainbows for Kids puts on many fun events for the families. It's all designed to bring smiles and something to look forward to during a rough, stressful time.

2014 Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game

Matt Carpenter was volunteering at our All-Star Game when he received word he was selected to the MLB All-Star Game.


Videos from the 2014 Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game:

Rainbows for Kids is the official charity of The "All-Star Game" is annual event put on completely by volunteers. There are no paid employees in Rainbows for Kids-- just great people with a heart for helping families of children with cancer. As an added attraction this past year, the kids all got to take turns playing catch with the players: Matt Carpenter, Jason Motte, Trevor Rosenthal. B.J. Rains and Brian Stull served as the emcees for the event. Managers of the Rainbows for Kids All-Star teams are Rob Rains and Tim Bosch. The 2014  sponsors werere: Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods, Highway 61 Roadhouse and Kitchen, and Lubeley's Bakery.

Audio/Visual Tribute to Rainbows for Kids All-Star Game:

More Videos from the All-Star Game:

B.J. Rains announces to crowd that Carpenter has been selected to All-Star Game:

General pictures from the game:

A 501 (c)(3) charity dedicated to helping families of children with cancer.

Thanks to all who support Rainbows for Kids.                    

Lindenwood U Softball, Hockey Teams Hockey Party

In January, the Lindenwood University softball and hockey teams host the Hockey Party. It was held in the new multi-purpose building and our kids get to hang out with the big college kids. They are like movie stars to the kids and they teach them how to play hockey. We appreciate Sherry Opich and everyone at Lindenwood for their help. 

Mother-Daughter Tea Party- Spring

  Karen Mott, owner of The Barn Restaurant at Sappington House treats the kids and their mothers to a fun tea party in the spring.

Shriner's Circus- Spring

Every year two donors give us Circus tickets and we usually add more so that whoever wants to go gets to. It's always a lot of fun.

Fishing Trip- Spring or Fall

For the past several years we have been doing an annual fishing outing at Suson Park. It started with the Department of Conservation and now the Parks Department helps us with it. We have been able to give away fishing poles and teach kids who might never have gotten the opportunity to go fishing, how to do it. Every child caught a fish. Sponsored in part by Cabelos, thanks to Sharon Hoyt.


Every Year We Take the Families to the Muny- 

This year we get to see "Beauty and the Beast" Through an arrangement we have with the Muny Group Sales department the families get a special back-stage tour. They enjoyed walking on the stage and going behind the scenes.

Sunday Night Lights- Football Game event- Lindbergh High School 

This is an amazing event where the high school kids are the stars. The entire Lindbergh School District supports this event started by LHS football parent Lori Krueger. She worked with Rainbows for Kids to develop activities that would be safe for the kids and we talk to the students each year so they know what to expect.

Children can decide if they want to be football player, cheerleaders, pom dancers, or in the band.  They play with the high school students under the lights just like a "real game." It's an experience that is really excited for the kids, but it is equally rewarding for the Lindbergh students who work so hard to put it on.

It's a really fun event, but the icing on the cake is the students raise money and split the proceeds three ways for Rainbows for Kids, Friends of Kids with Cancer, and Camp Rainbow. We appreciate Lindbergh High School and all the wonderful parents, teachers, and students.

The 5th annual SUNDAY NIGHT LIGHTS will be held Sept. 28 (Sun) at Lindbergh High from 4-8 p.m. If you know of a child who has cancer or another serious disease who might want to participate please contact us: Email:

Annual Holiday Party at Crestview Senior Living- December

This is always a fun event because what is more fun than one grandma and grandpa? A whole room full of them.  Neal's Pharmacy and Crestview sponsor the event developed by  Margie and Jack Tippett, board members who were among the original founders of Rainbows for Kids. They live at Crestview  and came up with the idea. We've had puppet shows, plays, musical entertainment and even Meadowlark Lemon from the Harlem Globetrotters came to our Holiday Party one year!

Rainbows for Kids

The Official Charity of

Thanks to everyone who supports Rainbows for Kids.

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Click here to see a video put together by Shelby Steingraeber, Miss Outstanding Teen America, who volunteered with us. 


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 Questions? Email: -  Rainbows for Kids, the official charity of is a 501 (c)(3) charity dedicated to helping families of children with cancer in the Greater St. Louis area. If you would like to donate, send check made payable to Rainbows for Kids to 7221 Waterford Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123 or go to our Gala website to pay online.




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Cardinals players Aledmys Diaz, Matt Carpenter, Trevor Rosenthal are just a few who have come out for the baseball event, as does Fred Bird and Team Fredbird and the many volunteers who make it happen every year. The All-Star Game is sponsored in part by Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods, Norrenberns Lumber and Hardware, and Highway 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen.



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