“Marvel Universe LIVE! Ages of Heroes” will be at Chaifetz Arena, Oct. 26-29 and it will be a performance like none other. Complete with thrilling stunts this unique show will be a big hit for anyone who ever enjoyed the comic book heroes. It is being produced by Feld Entertainment the ones who produced Ringling Brothers Circus.

There is a local element to the performance as St. Louis area native Zach Cooke portrays Rhino, a super villain in the production. It’s a very athletic part, but Cooke is up to the challenge as he has always been athletic and not just in the typical sports like baseball and basketball.

"Rhino is the largest member of the Sinister 6, some of Spiderman's most dastardly enemies," Cooke told STLSportsPage.com.  "I've played the villain for years as a pro wrestler, so when I came to Marvel Universe LIVE, it was a natural step for me to jump into the role and beat up that little twirp and his friend."

Marvel fans—whether it be from the comic books or the movies will love this live, action-packed, legendary battle to defend the universe from evil. Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy all join forces with Doctor Strange, master of the mystic arts in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watomb before it falls into Loki’s hands.

If we’ve lost you, maybe it’s time you get your Marvel Comics groove on and check out this show. STLSportsPage.com is giving two lucky readers tickets to the show, so be sure to register to try and win the tickets at the end of this article.

Cooke (shown in photo, right) is a  2006 Eureka High School grad.

"I was a water polo goalie, a diver on the swim team, and a pole vaulter on the track team," said Cooke. "I was a part of the first varsity water polo team (From Eureka) to win our districts in almost 10 years."

He is perfect for his role in this circus-like production because of the pole-vaulting and diving abilities and he likes skateboarding and snow boarding.

Cooke can pretty much do anything -- and he has done many things. For 10 years he was a professional wrestler. The interesting thing is he never wrestled at Eureka High School.

"Wrestling actually came about by accident funny enough," said Cooke.  "I watched (Wrestling) when I was a kid, but fell away when I became preoccupied with school sports. When I was 19, my roommate in Philly took me to a show and by the end of it, I knew that I NEEDED to be a pro wrestler. I trained three to four days a week for a year to learn the ropes. It was the single most painful experience of my life. There were days I couldn't even walk up the stairs to my apartment."

He was not involved in the Drama Department at Eureka, so how did he go from pro-wrestler to a stunt performing roll in Marvel Universe LIVE?

"I had a minor involvement I theater when I was in elementary and middle school," he said. "But nothing too interesting though. Roles included "Villager #2", "tree" --things like that."

He likes music and spent years playing in bands. 

"That combined with the time as a pro wrestler is what prepared me to perform in front of thousands of people every weekend. I knew I loved being on stage in front of people, never could I have done this without the 'slow build”'that I went through though."

Because of his athletic prowess, the 29-year old is a natural to play Rhino. To bone up for the part he researched the characters and read comic books and looked at Marvel movies.

Unique roles are not new to Zach and his family.

"My biggest connection to St. Louis sports was my mom Vicki being the first ever Fredbird for the Cardinals in 1979" he said. "This was long before I was ever even a blip on the radar for her. My mom is the one who have me the performance genes. (Of her experience as Fredbird) She said 'I had to audition to prove I could make a fool of myself. In front of thousands of people-- needless to say I can!' She's the greatest! I saw countless Cardinals games thanks to her and my uncle."

To say the stunts are challenging is an understatement. According to DigitalTrends.com:

“In 2014, Marvel decided to raise the theatrics by partnering with the Ringling Bros’ production company Feld Entertainment to create Age of Heroes, a live action stunt show full of Marvel characters. This year, the band’s all back together for the second edition of Marvel Universe LIVE: Age of Heroes.” 

"Marvel Universe LIVE Age of Heroes is easily the craziest, most over the top show I have ever seen or been a part of!" said Cooke  "From the explosions, crazy dirt bike tricks, insane tumbling and tricking!"

Productions like this Marvel Universe keep producer Kenneth Feld, who produced the Ringling Brothers Circus busy in recent years  after the announcement they would be closing down the Greatest Show on Earth in May.

“On Sunday, May 21, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® said its final farewell to a sold-out crowd of incredibly enthusiastic fans,” wrote Feld on the Ringling Brothers website. “The response they gave to everyone who made the show possible – performers, staff and crew – was heartwarming. Though it was difficult to say goodbye, my family and I were heartened to send off The Greatest Show On Earth® in the celebratory and positive fashion that this American treasure deserves.”

Feld Entertainment has long been producers of large, live shows and are the ones who do Sesame Street LIVE and Disney on Ice, so you know it will be a good show.

This Marvel show reunites some of Marvel’s greatest super heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow against some of the most menacing bad guys.

According to Feld, “Their journey sparks new feuds with old foes, pitting student against mentor, sister against brother against brother.”

Those going to the Marvel show will witness cutting edge special effects, aerial stunts and video projection in an incredible adventure. Fans of all ages will be immersed in the Marvel Universe and experience it all with their family, live.

"The cast is full of the most talented and hard working people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, working with and calling friends," Cook said.  "I'd urge everyone to come out, bring the family --it's not just for kids!-- and cheer on your favorite heroes, or boo the villains you've been following for years. There is nothing else like it, and you will certainly have a huge smile on your face from start to finish!!! Just don't fall for any of Loki’s trickery….."

Cooke is excited to be coming back to his hometown.

"Unfortunately life hasn't afforded me many chances to get home, but when I do I make it a point to get together with my family," he said.  "If I cab wrangle my friends away from their lives, I always jump at the chance to see them too."

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