Classic Rock DJs "Radio Rich" Dalton and Mark Klose, Rob Rains, and Danny Liston from Pavlov's Dogs.

Which name does not fit in, in this list of St. Louis radio mainstays: Mark Klose, Radio Rich Dalton, Randy Raley, Gary Kolander, Rob Rains. The first four are classic rock disc jockeys with Rains being a sports commentator. But for one night Rains will share the stage with the rockers as he reads the sports round of questions at the St. Louis Classic Rock Trivia Night and Hall-of-Fame Induction on Friday, Oct. 20,2017 at the Kirkwood Community Center.

“We’re glad to have Rob,” said Raley. “He has a long history in St. Louis, and that’s what it’s all about”.

Other presenters include Katy Kruze (former KSHE), Jim Merkel, Tom Terbrock, Dan Dillon, and Joy Grdnic (Joy in the Morning). The event is emceed by Ron Stevens (former KSHE).

If you’re from St. Louis, you’ve probably grown up knowing Bob Kuban was the leader of Bob Kuban and the In-Men who rose to fame with their hit “The Cheater.” You also might know Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers grew up here as well as Michael “Supe” Granda of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Actually St. Louis and the Midwest is a treasure trove for people involved in classic rock music and there’s an organization that seeks to remember and honor the stars from the area.

The St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society (SLCRPS) seeks to preserve, promote and honor St. Louis' unique classic rock heritage and its place in music and pop culture history. They do it in great fashion at their annual awards evening.

“There is definitely a strong community and bond between many musicians from the area who found a lot of success,” said John Sebben, who Bob Kuban called a historian and Raley referred to as ‘the KSHE encyclopedia’.

“Mama's Pride and Pavlov's Dog toured the country often supporting superstar bands like the Allman Brothers for Mama's Pride and the Electric Light Orchestra for Pavlov's Dog,” said Sebben. “The Ozark Mountain Daredevils and Head East who are regional still have huge followings. And of course Michael McDonald, Chuck Berry and so many more.”

In the 1960’s Bob Kuban had a newspaper column that promoted many of the local bands.

“The community of these musicians has been fairly strong knit before our group came along,” said Sebben referring to the SLCRPS, “But maybe we're helping it tighten a bit, especially as their peers are retiring or sadly dying off.”

The Trivia Night will be held at the Kirkwood Community Center and will be full of big-named music people, all out there having fun and for a good cause.

They are raising money for the National Blues Museum, and the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight—an organization that gives free trips for veterans to Washington, D.C. Rains’ father-in-law was lucky enough to take an Honor Flight on Veteran’s Day in 2015. He later said it was one of the greatest days of his life.

Sebben said it was through his wife that he found out about Honor Flight.

“We’re very glad we found a connection to the Honor Flight.”

This year's Trivia Night is part of a special two-day event. The second day is billed as St. Louis Classic Rock Celebration Day and will be held at the Trainwreck at Westport Plaza starting at noon and going on until close.

The St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society came about because of a change in laws from the FCC in 2015 involving online radio shows, webcasters.

Since the 1990’s area DJs have been doing online radio show. DJ’s including Sebben and Raley had been doing classic rock programs and now are joined together at the website

This unique idea took various online radio shows and put them together as a non-profit. He said that at the end of 2015 he met with some of the DJ’s and decided to form a 501 (c)(3) charity to encompass the shows. They decided to incorporate charity in the mix.

“I got together with Randy Raley and Ron Stevens, and we started the St. Louis Classic Rock Preservation Society (SLCRPS),” said Sebben. “We absorbed several other local internet stations into the umbrella.”

“The thing that separates us from terrestrial radio is our ability to play all the songs you don’t hear anymore on the radio,” said Randy, originally of KSHE, who started before becoming a part of the SLCRPS family of stations.

“We are dedicated to making sure the great St. Louis Classic Rock doesn’t fade from the airwaves and is played continuously-- and not just at certain times throughout the week,” said Raley. “If people check out our website there is a portal of six stations that have the rock genre covered. I have about 8,500 songs in my library.”

All in all, the family of stations boast over 24,000 unique tracks from over 10,000 albums by 4,400 artists – including over 200 local artists – numbers that are growing all the time.

Raley said he is looking forward to the Trivia Night.

“These fund raisers allow us to split our proceeds three ways: with Honor Flight and the St. Louis Blues museum, and of course our organization.”

To reserve your table for the St. Louis Classic Rock Trivia Night on Friday Oct 20, 2017, call John: 314.441.1235 email: