Chances are you are familiar with the name Randy Mayfield. He is a long-time singer/songwriter from St. Louis—but he has done much more and now he has capitalized on two big events: The Rally Cat and the Eclipse. 

Randy Mayfield, was chosen to sing at Jack Buck’s funeral and did an unbelievable version of “The Prayer.” He was already accomplished before that but since then he has been on the radar of the St. Louis Christian music scene – as well as pop culture. Most Cardinals fans will remember his song "Rally Squirrel" from 2011 that was aired during the sixth game of the World Series.

Here is Mayfield singing his new song "Rally Cat."

Besides the Rally Cat song (as opposed to you old timers who remember the old piano tune, “Alley Cat”), Mayfield’s other timely hit is about the eclipse.

Mayfield had already put together a song called “Total Eclipse of the Sun” and then the other night when the cat ran onto the field his friends called him out of retirement from “rally” songs.

“I wasn’t even thinking of it,” he said, “But my friends on Facebook and my family kept hounding me to write a new one for the "Rally Cat," so I wrote it late one night last week while I was in Honduras.”

He travels a lot with his missions work.

Both songs are quickly catching on. Mayfield was on KMOX Radio with Charlie Brennan on Thursday and his band will be featured on Fox 2 in the Morning at 9 a.m. on Friday.

“It's kinda crazy,” he said of all that is going on with him right now.

For your listening pleasure on Monday here is the "Eclipse" song. 

The idea on the Rally Cat song came on August 9th when the cat ran on the field and was subsequently picked up by the groundskeeper who was bitten and scratched as he took the feline off the field. After the next batter Yadier Molina stepped to the plate and hit a grand slam a star was born—“Rally Cat.”

As of Thursday Aug. 17 the Cardinals are 4-3 since the cat hit the scene, but the team has developed a hashtag #RallyCat and added a Rally Cat Night so they are hoping to ride a big wave with this cat episode.

Just a few days after the cat ran on the field, the St. Louis Cardinals announced the addition of Rally Cat Appreciation Day to the 2017 theme ticket schedule at Busch Stadium when the Redbirds take on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Sunday, September 10 at 1:15 p.m.

“Both the team and our fans have been rejuvenated since the Rally Cat’s unexpected appearance at Busch Stadium,” said Megan Eberhart, Cardinals Manager of Promotions and Events. “We thought this theme day would be a fun and unique way to honor our newest furry friend.”

Fans can purchase tickets for Rally Cat Appreciation Day and view the remaining 2017 theme ticket schedule at

Mayfield, (shown with his band in photo, right) wrote the words and music to the Rally Cat song and had it produced by his friend Patrick Crecelius. Crecelius is on keys and guitar, Mike Brandenstien is on base and Sandy Weltman on Harmonica, with Mayfield doing all of the vocals.

“It would be great if some local or even national media outlets picked it up as happened with the “Rally Squirrel” song," he said.

He said the Cardinals are aware of the song but he is not sure if they will pick it up for their special Rally Cat Day.

“But I will be there,” said Mayfield who is a Cardinals fan. “I want to get that tee shirt.”

Though Mayfield is a minister and performs locally—his next big concert locally is scheduled for Feb. 9, 2018 at Central Presbyterian Church in Clayton-- he does a lot of international performing.

“I do lots of concerts,” he said. “I do many of them in cooperation with my mission work and travel around the world. I’ve done recent concerts in the Ukraine, Iraq, Jordan, England and my band did a tour in Europe this past July.”

He has played many local venues including the Fabulous Fox, the Sheldon and the Pageant. For info on his schedule:

This December he will be back in Jordan and Iraq.


“It’s just another fun, light song about the craze of the coming total eclipse that I hope folks will enjoy,” said Mayfield. “I hope it will take their minds off all the other crazy things that are going on here in the U.S. and all over the world." has given away 300 pairs of eclipse glasses along with the article: Everything you need to know about the 2017 Solar Eclipse-- in STL and beyond

Those interested in finding more out about Randy Mayfield can check out his website: