We love Sports Movies! This page is a collage of articles about our favorites.We got the chance to meet Patrick Renna who played Hamilton Porter in Sandlot and David Mickey Evans, the director.

A League Of Their Own
DID YOU KNOW? Fact about the Frontier League-- the league of the Rascals and Grizzlies

A famous baseball movie was filmed at one of their stadiums.

Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana where the Evansville Otters playt is a historic ballpark and it was featured in the 1992 movie A League of their Own.

“It is the oldest minor league park in the country,” said Mike Rains, who is working in the Commissioners office of the Frontier League and was in Evansville checking out the action.

“Bosse Field was built I 1915,” he said. “It is actually the third oldest park in pro ball, only behind Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.”

Several different teams have played at Bosse Field over the years and some of the famous Hall of Famers who played there include: Hank Greenberg, Warren Spahn, and Bob Uecker.

In A League of Their Own, the Rockford Peaches played the Racine Belles. The Racine Belles home games were filmed at Bosse Field. They retrofitted the entire stadium to look as it did in that era, according to IMDb. "Support the Racine Belles" signs are still on display.

At the Evansville Otters games, the ball girls wear the "Belles" uniforms and the movie is remembered 11 years after it was released. A week after it was released the movie was number one at the box office.

 Bosse Field in Evansville, Indiana was in "A League of Their Own."

"42" - The Jackie Robinson Story

The characters of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey are the central focus of the new movie 42. 

By Rob Rains

Red Schoendienst does not have to see the movie 42 to remember how hard it was for Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier in major league baseball. He was there as it was happening.

Schoendienst was the Cardinals’ starting second baseman in 1947 when Branch Rickey brought Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers, the story which is told in the movie premiering around the country on Friday.

“What he did was hard,” Schoendienst said. “It was pretty tough for him to come in the way he did.”

The movie tries to depict some of the taunts and abuse Robinson had to endure as he became the first African-American to play in the major leagues.

There is only one incident shown in the movie involving the Cardinals, when Enos Slaughter spiked Robinson during a game on Aug. 20, allegedly on purpose.

Newspaper accounts at the time did say that Robinson was spiked as Slaughter ran across first base, in the 11th inning of the game at Ebbets Field, but he did not admit to doing it intentionally.

“I’ve never deliberately spiked anyone in my life,” Slaughter was quoted as saying in an Associated Press story the following day which was published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Anybody who does don’t belong in baseball. It was an accident, pure and simple. I hope it is not serious.” [To continue reading this article click here.]

The above mentioned article also contains a trailer for the movie.


This list was compiled before 205, so there are a few sports movies since then like Moneyball that were not made yet.


The Sandlot


Patrick Renna (Ham Porter in the movie) gave us a shout-out:



  "The Sandlot's" Pat Renna ("Ham Porter"), Director David Mickey Evans, Rob Rains. 


Sports Fans can recite lines from The Sandlot like "you're killing me Smalls!"  and "you play like a girl!" If it's one of the most memorable quotes from the movie, chances are it was said by actor Patrick Renna, who played Hamilton "Ham" Porter. Renna was in St. Louis and Rob Rains caught up with him at the Four Seasons Hotel at the Cielo Restaurant to talk about Renna's memories and the fact that it's been 20 years since the movie came out.

To see the interview, click the video above, left.


   Patrick Renna, from The Sandlot with Rob Rains at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. louis.

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Field of Dreams


The "Field of Dreams" house and baseball field are in Iowa and you can go visit the site. 

Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa. A place of fertile soil, traditional values and simple pleasure in Dyersville, Iowa-- and  the century-old Lansing family farm with its quaint but very famous house. Visitors can sit on the bleachers that were in the movie, take pictures of the house and field and even go "into the corn" as there is still a cornfield behind the field. It's a step back in time to the original filming site of the 1989 Kevin Costner movie "Field of Dreams." We made a stop while on vacation and it was not what we expected. You would think there would be all sorts of gift shops and tourist attractions, but it's just the farmhouse as shown with a very tiny gift shop for fans to take away a souvenir.

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