Counting the day the pitchers and catchers reported, there are 53 days of Spring Training and STLSportsPage is bringing you 53 days of Spring Training Trivia. Hope you are enjoying it.

Day #37 Friday March 27
It’s a split-squad day. The Cardinals play the Mets at Roger Dean Stadium
March 27 St. Louis Cardinals New York Mets 1:05 P

And half the squad will go on the road to play the Nationals.
March 27 Washington Nationals St. Louis Cardinals AWAY

Question 37: Garth Brooks has suited up and participated in Spring Training at three camps. Which year if any did he participate with the St. Louis Cardinals. (Scroll down for answer)

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Answer: Garth Brooks is a huge baseball fan and while he has visited some Spring Training sites, he never came to the Cardinals. He did work out with the San Diego Padres, New York Mets and Kansas City Royals.

Day #38 Saturday March 28
The Cardinals are on the road to play the Detroit Tigers
March 28 Detroit Tigers St. Louis Cardinals AWAY

Question: Which player trying to make the team this year had to wait five years after college to begin his baseball career because of his Naval commitment.

Answer: Mitch Harris

Day #39 Sunday March 29
The Cardinals are at home vs. the New York Mets.
March 29 St. Louis Cardinals New York Mets 1:05 PM

Question: In honor of today’s game with the Mets at Roger Dean Stadium—our trivia question involves a former Mets player who has settled in the Greater St. Louis Area.

Answer:  Darryl Strawberry is like a cat who has nine lives. He was a stand-out player with the Mets, but seemed to struggle with addictions. He was diagnosed with cancer, took treatment and had surgeries. After that he continued on a bad path with arrests and drug use. Finally, after hitting rock bottom and having his wife divorced him, he ended up going to a rehab facility where he eventually met his current wife.

Since coming clean, they have both become ordained ministers living in St. Charles, Mo. They use their newfound Christian faith to help others change their lives—including a treatment center.

The Darryl Strawberry Treatment Program is a 28-day residential Christian counseling program designed to treat addictions and all forms of substance abuse including prescription medications in Orlando

For more information:

Day #40 Monday March 30, 1986
The Cardinals are at home at Roger Dean Stadium to play the Washington Nationals.
March 30 St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals 1:05 PM

Question: Name the Cardinals Hall of Famer—always a welcome sight at Spring Training—who is an ordained minister.

Answer: Lou Brock

Lou Brock’s website says his life started when he “walked on” the baseball field at Southern University as a non-athlete and became a baseball player, and his journey of life reached new meaning when he “walked off” the baseball field.
Brock --who holds the record for Most Stolen Bases in the National League with 938 and the record for Most Stolen Bases in World Series with 7 (twice) as well as many others—and his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Brock (Jackie) are both ordained ministers.

Brock is the second of four players in modern history to steal 100 bases in a season with 118. He is the only base runner to steal 50 or more bases for 12 Consecutive years.

Besides stealing bases, the The Brocks’ Christian experiences have led them to steal the show by being dynamic speakers at well-known events, including T. D. Jake's Prison Ministry, Rev. Billy Graham Crusade, TBN, the 700 Club, the Joyce Meyer Ministries Enjoying Everyday Life and others.

They have participated in worship service alongside the President of the United States and First Lady.

previous Spring Training Trivia questions: 

1. Question:
What city claims to be the home of the first Spring Training, and has built a “Historic Baseball Trail” featuring 26 cast-aluminum plaques?
Hot Springs. The baseball tradition of spring training came about because in 1885 or ’86 the Chicago White Stockings went to Hot Springs in Arkansas to prepare for the new season. As with many things, there have been others who have made the claim, but Hot Springs set out to prove through research that they were first.

2. Question:
What major event happened on February 20, 1953-- which had long-term importance on the team until 1996. (Scroll down for answer)

Answer: It was Feb. 20, 1953 that the Anheuser-Busch Brewery bought the Cardinals from Fred Saigh for $3.75 million. After the sale, August Busch, Jr. --known to many as Gussie--became the president of the club.

Saigh had been forced to sell due to financial problems and had entertained offers to sell out of town, which could have resulted in the franchise being moved out of St. Louis. On Jan. 28, 1953 he was sentenced to 15 months in prison and fined $15,000 on charges of income tax evasion.

Despite that, Saigh was a very generous man and to this day the Saigh Foundation is operating to benefit children and youth in the area of education and healthcare—including our charity, Rainbows for Kids.

Busch said he had not seen a Cardinals game in the previous two or three years when he bought the team; his friends said he was exaggerating, that he had not seen two or three games in his life. It didn't take long for Busch to develop a love for the game and for the Cardinals.

Gussie Busch really enjoyed owning the club and did fun things like entertaining managers at his house, Grant's Farm, and riding on a beer wagon pulled by Clydesdales on Opening Day.

--- Cardinal Nation Published by The Sporting News
By Rob Rains

3. Question: 

Who was Roger Dean--the man the Cardinals Spring Training Stadium is named after?

Answer: Roger Dean started his career as an Auto Dealer with Ford Motor Company in 1947 was one of the first Mega Dealers in the United States.

Along with his hard work and dedication, Dean’s success was achieved by his on-going goal to create customers for life by selling a quality product at a fair price and by providing the best customer service possible, and his daughter, Patty Dean, continues to run three dealerships: Roger Dean Chevrolet of West Palm Beach, Roger Dean Chevrolet of Cape Coral and Roger Dean Buick GMC of Fort Pierce.

--- Roger Dean Stadium Research TeamWho was Roger Dean--the man the Cardinals Spring Training Stadium is named after?

4. Question: 

Out of the six different cities or towns the Cardinals have trained in, which Spring Training city location was their home the longest and what was the name of the field?

Answer: Answer:
St. Petersburg, Florida at Al Lang Field. There was a stadium previously on that site called Coffee Pot Park. Al Lang Field was home at various times to Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Stan Musial.

One fun fact about the Cardinals training in St. Pete when Gussie Busch was the owner: He had a house (more like a mansion) on Pass-A-Grille Beach and there were two flags on a flag pole there. One was an American Flag which was hoisted up every day, but only when Gussie was in attendance the Budweiser flag flew.

Here are the various Spring Training sites the Cardinals have had over the years.
1914- St. Augustine
1923-24- Bradenton
1927-29 –Avon Park
1930-36-Bradenton (McKechnie Field(
1937 Daytona Beach (City Island Ball Park)
1938-42- St. Petersburg
1946-97- St. Petersburg (Al Lang Field)
1998-2015 Jupiter (Roger Dean Stadium)
--- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

5. Question: What teams was Roger Dean Stadium originally built for?

Answer: The $28 million Spring Training Complex/Stadium specially designed to house two Major League Baseball teams –Montreal Expos and St. Louis Cardinals.
The ballpark features field box, loge box, bleacher, grass berm, and luxury skybox seating. The stadium can accommodate approximately 7,000 fans. It seats approximately 6,600 and another 200 fans can spread out on a blanket and catch a closer glimpse of the game from the Grass Berm, located just in front of the Party Deck in right field.
--- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

6. Question: Why did the Cardinals take out an ad in The Sporting News for players on this day in 1943?

Answer: World War II had started in 1939 and by 1943 so many players had left baseball to join the forces that the Cardinals organization was getting depleted. Because so many of the minor leaguers had enlisted or were drafted the Cardinals reduced their farm system from 21 teams to seven.

The next day, the team placed a want ad in The Sporting News advertising for players.

Players who were on the 1942 team but left for the service by 1943 were Terry Moore, Enos Slaughter, Johnny Beazley, Creepy Crespi, Erv Dusak, Jeff Cross, and Whitey Moore. Then during the season these players were clled to the service: Howie Pollet, Jimmy Brown and Murry Dickson. (Stan Musial went into the service from 1944-’45)

One ad read: “If you are now a free agent and have previous professional experience, we may be able to place you to your advantage in one of our clubs.”

---Cardinal Nation Published by The Sporting News
By Rob Rains
--- Cardinals Journal: Year by Year and Day by Day with the St. Louis Cardinals ...
By John SnyderQuestion: What was the construction cost of Roger Dean Stadium? (scroll down for answer)

7. Question: Did the Cardinals continue to have Spring Training during World War II? 

Answer: Yes. They trained in Cairo, IL in 1943, 1944, and 1945 and returned to St. Petersburg in 1946. The 1946 Spring Training was unique because many more players were competing for jobs as there were 22 players who had just returned from the service—including Stan Musial.

--- Cardinals Journal: Year by Year and Day by Day with the St. Louis Cardinals ...
By John Snyder

8. Question: What was the construction cost of Roger Dean Stadium? 

Answer: 28 Million

---- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

9. Question:  How many acres is the entire Roger Dean Stadium complex?

Answer: 110 acres

---- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

10. Question: What Major League teams have called Roger Dean home during Spring Training?

Answer: St. Louis Cardinals (1998-present), Montreal Expos (1998-2002), Florida/Miami Marlins (2003-present)

---- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

Bonus Question- 10 1/2 : 

Feb. 29 in 1904 Johnny Leonard Roosevelt Martin was born. He became a big star with the Cardinals adding spice to the team in 1931 with the start of the Gas House Gang. What was his nickname?

In 1931 a player came up from the minors to stay and he helped establish the beginning of the Gashouse Gang tradition, a young scrappy center fielder who would later shift to third base—Johnny Leonard Roosevelt “Pepper” Martin. Martin had earned his nickname while in the minors. He got the name from a teammate named Blake Harper who said later: “They just called him Johnny Martin or Jack, but he was so full of energy that I started calling him Pepper. It fit like a glove and stuck ever since.”

100th Anniversary History of St. Louis Cardinals
By Rob Rains

11. Question:  I spent 25 years with the Cardinals, born on March 1, 1914, part of my legacy is in a song…who am I

Answer: Broadcaster Harry Caray started his career with the Cardinals in 1945 and while a popular broadcaster, he became very valuable as a pitchman for  Anheuser-Busch. After 25 years in St. Louis he ended up in the Windy City.

Harry Caray started the tradition of singing “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” in the seventh inning when he worked for the White Sox and it continued in his tenure at Wrigley Field calling the games for the Cubs. The year he passed away, the Cubs honored him with guest singers for the seventh inning stretch. It was so popular they continue with it still today. 

He always stood up and swinging his microphone would start out, "All right! Lemme hear ya! Ah-One! Ah-Two! Ah-Three!" 


12. Question: Who threw the first (inaugural, non-ceremonial) pitch at Roger Dean Stadium?

Answer: Cliff Politte of the St. Louis Cardinals. Politte was a graduate of Vianney High School.

---Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

13. Question: Who was the first batter to step to the plate in the inaugural game at Roger Dean Stadium? 

Answer: Mark Grudzielanek of the Montreal Expos

14. Question: This player was signed to a big 4-year contract on this day-- March 4-- in 2008 for $21 Million, who is he?

Answer: Adam Wainwright

That was a great Spring Training for the big right-handed hurler, but his 2011 Spring would not prove to be so good.

Adam Wainwright has led the Cardinals to the NLCS the past three years.

But in 2011 the season the Cardinals won the World Series, he set aside his pitching glove and put on his cheerleading outfit, shortly after the news came out that he blew out his arm and would be out for the season.

Wainwright, while obviously disappointed with the injury, took a more optimistic approach to the news.

“Season over, no Cy Young, no competing, nothing,” Wainwright said in his first public comments a few days later. “But, let me say this, I have learned more about myself in the last two days than in the last five years.”

Rather than going home and packing it in, Wainwright stayed in St. Louis much of the time, doing his rehab and supporting the team, with his leadership proving to be a big part of the 2011 World Series.

--Wild Cards, The St. Louis Cardinals Stunning 2011 Championship Season
By Rob Rains

Question 15: The Cardinals started Spring Training in 1982 with a new player who would make a permanent mark on the team and the fans would eventually flip for him. Who was he?

Answer: In the off-season (Feb. 11) of 1982 the Cardinals traded Garry Templeton to San Diego shortstop Ozzie Smith.

“I became famous for the flip,” he said in the book Ozzie Smith: The Road to Cooperstown, “But I like people to know I did play a little baseball too.”

How did the tradition of the backflips start? According to Smith, “When I was a rookie with the Padres at spring training in 1978, we had to run a lot at the end of practice. We had to run a mile in a certain time and things like that. At the time I was young and these old guys were there with their tongues hangin out. I wanted to show them I wasn’t tired, so at the end of the run I did a backflip.”

He said he had done back flips all his life and on the last day of the season in 1978, San Diego marketing guy Andy Strasburg asked him to do it and he was egged on by Gene Tenace. He was apprehensive but ended up doing it and the crowd loved it.

“People think it was something that I did every day, but that wasn’t the case,” Smith said. “I did it on the first day and the last day of the season at home, and then later for the big postseason games.”

One year he could not do it due to a shoulder injury so his son O.J., who was four at the time--- and now known as Nikko Smith due to his appearance on American Idol—ran out with him and did the flip. The crowd loved it.

Question 16 : This day in history...March 7th 1945 was the first day of the Battle of Remagen in Remagen Germany, World War II. This long-time member of the Cardinal Family was awarded a Purple Heart for his service during that time, and was always a symbol of Patriotism, with a September 11th Tribute being one of his many most remembered moments. Name him.

Answer: Jack Buck
How could we not honor Jack Buck at Spring Training. He was the voice of the Cardinals for four decades, but aside from baseball, he was a man above men. He won countless honors and awards in his lifetime, many for charity work, and numerous awards are named after him. When he was honored with the Horatio Alger Award, he turned it down, being the humble person he was because as the Horatio Alger Association honors the achievements of outstanding individuals in our society who have succeeded in spite of adversity—he said he felt it a slam to his parents to imply that he came from nothing.

Buck, known for his trademark “That’s a winner!” is remembered for all the great calls he made like “Go Crazy Folks”, “I don’t believe what I just saw!”, “Adios, goodbye, and maybe that’s a winner!” as well as calling some of the biggest moments in Cardinals history like Bob Gibson’s no-hitter.

Stan Musial said, “In the history of sports announcers, Jack Buck belongs at the top. He has Hall of Fame credentials in baseball and football. He’s a very humble guy, a real class person who has done an outstanding job."

--Jack Buck, That's A Winner! By Jack Buck and Rob Rains

Question 17: Who was the first winning pitcher at Roger Dean Stadium? Hint: He was a St. Louis native.

Answer: Cliff Politte
Vianney High School graduate Cliff Politte played for the Cardinals in 1998 and has the distinction of being the first pitcher and also the first winning pitcher at Roger Dean Stadium.

--- Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

--St. Louis Cardinals Past & Present
By Doug Feldmann

Question 18:
Who was hired as a Special Assistant to the General Manager in 2013 after serving as a special instructor at Spring Training?

Answer: Willie McGee

Willie McGee is always a welcome sight at Spring Training as he and Ozzie Smith work with the players on the field an d yuck it up with each other afterwards. McGee is in the franchise top 10 in games played, triples, stolen bases and pinch hits. He was a career .295 hitter over 18 seasons.
McGee was on the 1982 World Series championship team and was National League MVP in 1985 with a league-leading .353 average for a pennant-winning team.








Question 20: Many players receive their numbers in Spring Training, so today’s trivia question involves numbers on the jerseys. First part, there are 3 players who wore either “0” or “00”—who were they? And what was the highest number given out and who wore that number?

Answer: Kerry Robinson wore number 0 (2002-2003) and the two players who wore 00 were Omar Olivares (for his initials) and Bobby Bonds (1980)
The highest number was #99 worn by So Taguchi

Question 21: Yesterday's question had to do with the numbers on the back of the players' uniforms. Today's question- what number has been worn the most by Cardinals? 

Answer: It looks like the number 22 was the winner. According to there were 52 people who have worn the number and Jason Heyward was not listed so it has not been updated. That would make 53. Close behind was "19" with 51 and then the same number worn by former manager Whitey Herzog: "24" also had 51 player who wore it.

Question 22: Since it's Friday the 13th-- name one of the last two people to wear the number 13 before Matt Carpenter. (scroll down for answer and previous Spring Training Trivia Questions)

Answer: Gerald Laird (2011), Brendan Ryan (2007-2010)

Question #23: Who hit the first home run in Roger Dean Stadium?

Answer: Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals

------Roger Dean Stadium Research Team

Question 24: What Cardinals player, who is celebrating a birthday today (March 15th) is from Florida and enjoys putting on celebrity bowling tournaments for charity. (scroll down past the "recent baseball articles" for answer.
Answer: Jon Jay

Question 25: How many Spring Trainings did Bob Gibson attend as a player?

Answer: 17

Gibson started out as a 23 year old and ended his career in 1975 at age 39.

From The St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary History by Rob Rains: In 1959, two players were coming up from the minor leagues who showed some promise—a 23 year old right-handed pitcher, Bob Gibson, and a 17-year old catcher—he would be 18 only days after the season was over—Tim McCarver. Both made their major-league debuts in the 1959.

“I was a total admirer of Bob Gibson as a pitcher,” said Jack Buck in his autobiography, jack Buck That’s A Winner! “It didn’t come easy for him; it took him many years to learn how to pitch. He was someone I admired as a person.”

That was one of the reasons Buck cried when he called the last pitch of Gibson’s no-hitter, saying “Calling the no-hitter was a real thrill, and it was one of the highlights of Gibson’s career.”
The St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary History by Rob Rains
Jack Buck, That’s A Winner! By Rob Rains

Question 26 : What “nicknamed” player was traded to the Braves in exchange for Joe Torre on March 17, 1969?

Answer: Orlando “Cha-Cha” Cepeda.

Orlando Cepeda had been a popular player and it was he who gave the 1967 Cardinals the nickname “El Birdos” He had helped the Cardinals ride an MVP season to 101 wins and the pennant, topping the second-place Giants by 10 ½ games, but two years later he was traded.

Question 27: What significant thing happened to pitcher Al Hrabosky shortly after Spring Training in 1974?

Answer: In the spring of 1974 the Cardinals did not have a consistent stopper in the bullpen until Hrabosky and his “Mad Hungarian” act come along. Hrabosky said there was a simple reason for his transformation into the Mad Hungarian role, and it started out of necessity and not as an act.

“Early in the 1974 season I wasn’t pitching well and the Cardinals were getting ready to send me to the minors,” Hrabosky said. “I was out of options, so I would have been frozen there. I was just kind of going through the motions and I found out by stepping off the mound, relaxing myself, and trying to focus on my concentration, it seemed to make me pitch better. It was a last-ditch effort to keep from going to the minor leagues.”

--- St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary History
By Rob Rains

Question 28: What significant thing happened to pitcher Al Hrabosky shortly after Spring Training in 1974?

Answer: In the spring of 1974 the Cardinals did not have a consistent stopper in the bullpen until Hrabosky and his “Mad Hungarian” act come along. Hrabosky said there was a simple reason for his transformation into the Mad Hungarian role, and it started out of necessity and not as an act.

“Early in the 1974 season I wasn’t pitching well and the Cardinals were getting ready to send me to the minors,” Hrabosky said. “I was out of options, so I would have been frozen there. I was just kind of going through the motions and I found out by stepping off the mound, relaxing myself, and trying to focus on my concentration, it seemed to make me pitch better. It was a last-ditch effort to keep from going to the minor leagues.”

--- St. Louis Cardinals 100th Anniversary History
By Rob Rains

Question 29:
Which Cardinals player was selected first in the 2011 Draft after attending Kamehameha Hawaii High School and for the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

Answer: Kolten Wong.

Fans at Spring Training in Jupiter will be able to meet Kolten Wong March 19 at the Homewood Suites, Palm Beach Gardens after the game (4 p.m.) as he is special guest at a Pep Rally and Barbecue to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Palm Beach and Rainbows for Kids in St. Louis. The event is free and open to the public.

Wong was featured in Intentional Walk by Rob Rains,

“I keep my Bible on the nightstand next to my bed and I try to read every night before I go to sleep. It’s kind of like my night reading, going through and finding a few verses,” he said.

He has relied on his faith many times when going though a tough time. “I just keep telling myself to keep the faith, to believe in God, and He’s helped me a lot.”

Question 30: How many Spring Trainings with the Cardinals has Red Schoendienst been a part of?

Answer: This will be his 66th Spring Training in some capacity, starting as a minor league player in 1942. Schoendienst spent 18 years as a player (3 in the minors, 15 on the Cardinals), 12 years as a manager, from1965 to1976.
He left to coach in Oakland ’77 and ’78 and then came back to St. Louis and has been in Spring Training every year since 1979 as a manager, coach, or special assistant.

Hi signed with the Cardinals organization in 1942 and his first year with the big league club was 1945. On March 15, 1961 he was signed as a free agent and became a valuable pinch-hitter, batting .300 in each of the next two seasons.

Schoendienst moved from the playing field to the managers office to his current position as a special assistant to the general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Schoendiest played, coached and managed in nine World Series. He played 10 All-Star games and managed the National League squad in two. In 1989 he was inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Red Schoendienst has been a part of every Cardinals World Series since 1964.

St. Louis Cardinals Media Guide
This Date in Cardinals History, By John Leptich and Dave Baranowski

Question 31: What year was John “Mo” Mozeliak’s first Spring Training with the Cardinals and what previous major league general manager experience did he have? 

Answer: Mozeliak joined the Cardinals after the 2007 season so 2008 was his first Spring Training. It was his first job as a major league general manager and he has had a successful fifteen years so far. Under his leadership, the Cardinals have made four playoff appearances, won one World Series title, and two National League pennants. 

Question #32 Sunday March 22

The Cardinals are on the road vs. Baltimore.

Question: How many former first-round draft picks are currently in camp with the Cardinals?

Answer: Eight. Picked in the first round by the Cardinals were Marco Gonzales, Michael Wacha, Kolten Wong and Pete Kozma. Selected by the Braves were Jason Heyward and Adam Wainwright. Randal Grichuk was a first round pick of the Angels in 2009. The final player was Scott Moore, who was a first-round pick of the Detroit Tigers in 2002.

Question #33 Monday March 23
The Cardinals play an away game against Boston.
March 23 Boston Red Sox St. Louis Cardinals AWAY

Question: What number did Albert Pujols wear in his first Spring Training with the Cardinals?

Answer: 68

He was a minor league player and they assigned him number 66 but when he made the club, he changed his number to #5.

In the winter of 2001, Albert’s baseball future looked bright, but he had not saved enough money to get him and his young family through the winter, so the family moved in with his wife’s parents in Kansas City and he got a job at Meadowbrook Country Club. His job was to set up rooms for parties and other catering functions.

When he wasn’t working at his job, however, Albert was working on his baseball skills. The Cardinals were projecting that he would bypass the Double A level and open the 2001 season back at Triple A Memphis, just one short step away from the major leagues.

As he reported to his first big league spring training camp, Albert was aware of the Cardinals’ game plan, but he also knew that sometimes plans could be changed.

He was assigned uniform number 68—a high number—which was a pretty good indication that he did not figure in the team’s immediate major league plans.

He ended up hitting .349, leading the team with 34 total bases and striking out only eight times in 62 at-bats that spring, he made the major league roster with only three games of regular-season experience above the Class A level.
Manager Tony La Russa tried to caution him that the move was only guaranteed through the opening series in Colorado and that another decision could be made if Bobby Bonilla became healthy enough to play in a few days.

Albert Pujols turned in his number 68 jersey and was issued a new jersey with number 5 on the back. He had made the team, and he went on to become Rookie of the Year.

--Albert the Great
By Rob Rains

Day #34 Tuesday March 24
The Cardinals are on the road vs. the Red Sox

Question: Who was the player who showed up at Spring Training in number 99, the highest number a Cardinal had worn?

Answer: So Taguchi

So Taguchi was a favorite among St. Louis Cardinals fans.

He was the first Japanese player from the National League to win a World Series—and he ended up being on two World Series winning teams: St. Louis Cardinals in 2006 and the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008.

Taguchi was with St. Louis from 2002-2007.

Here’s an interesting fact about So. Back home in Japan he had played in the Marching Band in High School. When he found out that the Lindbergh High School Spirit of St. Louis Band would be marching in the Rose Parade in 2005 he wanted to help.

Both so and his wife Emiko participated in a fundraiser for them and then they bought Ted Drewse for the band members and had it sent over on a hot day as they practiced outside. So also gave every band member a good luck note with his autograph on it, in Japanese.

Day #35 Wednesday March 25

The Cardinals play the Nationals at Roger Dean Stadium
March 25 St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals 1:05 PM
Question: Which starting position player made his debut as a Cardinals last year in Spring Training?

Answer: Jhonny Peralta

Day #36 Thursday March 26

The Cardinals play the Marlins at Roger Dean Stadium.
March 26 St. Louis Cardinals Miami Marlins 1:05 PM

Question: This former Cardinals favorite started Spring Training in the broadcast booth in his fourth year as television color commentator for the Kansas City Royals. Who is he? (Scroll down for answer)

Answer: Rex Hudler

Rex Hudler burst on the scene with the Cardinals and though he only played for the club from 1990-92 the fans loved him for his heart. Hudler always ran his fastest and was known to slide in head first. These gave him the nicknames Head First Hudler, Hurricane Hudler. He even gained the nickname Bug Eater when his teammate Tom Pagnozzi dared him to eat a June bug that landed on him. He did it and won $800 in the bet with other players in the dugout.