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And the winners are...

Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, John Smoltz

Three pitchers who combined to win nine Cy Young Awards and a member of Major League Baseball’s 3,000 Hit Club were elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in balloting by the BBWAA verified by Ernst & Young. There were 549 Baseball Writers from around the country who cast their votes including Rob Rains and 11 other writers from the St. Louis area.

Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz became the first trio of pitchers honored by the BBWAA in the same election. Each was on the ballot for the first time, which created a precedent with three first-ballot candidates elected in consecutive years, following that of Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas in 2014. Craig Biggio, who missed election last year by two votes, gained entry in this year’s election in his third time on the ballot. They will be inducted July 26 as part of the Hall’s Induction Weekend July 24-27 in Cooperstown, N.Y.

The Hall of Fame now has 310 elected members, including 215 players, of which 119 have come through the BBWAA ballot.

For those who have asked, the following is Rob Rains' ballot:

 Bagwell, Biggio, P. Martinez, Johnson,Smoltz, Lee Smith, Raines, Piazza.

Why did he vote for them and what does he think of the final outcome?

What is the reasoning behind voting for the Hall of Fame? Are there any parameters the voters must consider? Every year when the winners are announced there are questions and opinions.

Rob Rains discussed the Hall of Fame announcement and the thought behind his votes on the radio today on the Ballgame Show on ESPN Boise with host Johnny Mallory. To hear the discussion, click the audio player below:

Ballots Cast: 549 Needed for Election: 412
Votes Player Percentage
534 Randy Johnson 97.3%
500 Pedro Martinez 91.1%
455 John Smoltz 82.9%
454 Craig Biggio 82.7%
384 Mike Piazza 69.9%
306 Jeff Bagwell 55.7%
302 Tim Raines 55.0%
215 Curt Schilling 39.2%
206 Roger Clemens 37.5%
202 Barry Bonds 36.8%
166 Lee Smith 30.2%
148 Edgar Martinez 27.0%
138 Alan Trammell 25.1%
135 Mike Mussina 24.6%
77 Jeff Kent 14.0%
71 Fred McGriff 12.9%
65 Larry Walker 11.8%
64 Gary Sheffield 11.7%
55 Mark McGwire 10.0%
50 Don Mattingly 9.1%
36 Sammy Sosa 6.6%
30 Nomar Garciaparra 5.5%
21 Carlos Delgado 3.8%
4 Troy Percival 0.7%
2 Aaron Boone 0.4%
2 Tom Gordon 0.4%
1 Darin Erstad 0.2%
0 Rich Aurilia 0.0%
0 Tony Clark 0.0%
0 Jermaine Dye 0.0%
0 Cliff Floyd 0.0%
0 Brian Giles 0.0%
0 Eddie Guardado 0.0%
0 Jason Schmidt 0.0%